How to create a new WordPress Admin account

When you need to give a new person access to the back end (Dashboard settings) of your WordPress site, the best practice is to create a new administrator of the site with a separate username and password. This protects your own account information and allows you to deactivate the new administrator account later if you no longer need it.

This can be done in just a few easy steps.

1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard, typically at (where you replace ‘yoursite’ with your actual domain address).

2. Navigate to “Users” in the left-hand column, and under that, select “Add New User”.

3. Complete the new user profile by assigning a username and password for the new user, as well as a role. For an administrative user, be sure to choose “Administrator.” Make sure you include the user’s correct and preferred email address.

4. Click on button to “Add new user” and the user will be added to your site, and an email will be automatically sent to the address you listed, informing the new user of their account (and prompting them to change their password if you didn’t send it to them).

admin user



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